Walking Tours

Gods' Path
This excursion is the most famous of the Amalfi coast and maybe of the entire world, the impression that you feel is very difficult to explain, it seems that you are walking in the sky, in paradise. We... [read more]
Mills Valley
The Mills valley is a testimony to over a thousand years of Mediterranean peoples’ existence and intelligence. [read more]
Punta Campanella
The impressive Saracen Tower, the mediterranean vegetation and unique views, will follow you along the pathway... [read more]
Punta Campanella - Mount San Costanzo
Also this excursion starts from the little square of Termini a small and lovely village of Massalubrense. Walking down the ancient path of Venus, named like this because it was the way to go towards the... [read more]
The Bay of Jeranto
In this blue sea the sirens tempted Ulysses on his way back home. Today the Bay of Jeranto will tempt you to stay. [read more]
Pompeii  Vesuvius
Looking at the Vesuvio it does not seem a Volcano, but looking at the ruins of Pompeii and Hercolaneum..... no smoking!!! [read more]
This mountain offers walking and biking tours through chestnuts and beech trees. [read more]
Maybe there isn't such a small Island, in the world, that contains so much beauty, history,nature, traditions. [read more]