About Us

Our dream was to transform our passion for hiking and biking in a job, hoping to share all our knowledge and letting everyone know about the natural beauties, flavours and colours of our country is our wish.

We are local authorized trekking and biking guides (GAE) of Italy speaking English, French or German with 15 years of experience in tourism. If today this land doesn’t have secrets it’s because we were raised in this magic part of Italy and were lucky to follow our grand fathers through paths and trails that start from the mountains and go down to the sea. Love and respect for nature was our first lesson, we made treasure of all the, legends, regional customs, music, history they were teaching us. We know when it is the right season for mushrooms, picking herbs, or going fishing. There isn’t a plant or animal of the Mediterranean vegetation that does not have a name or a story behind it. The sense of freedom that takes possession of us when we walk or cycle in nature stimulates us to love what we do. We are convinced that love for nature is in all of us, you just need to let it come out when you are small and keep it with you while you grow up , this is what happened to us. Responding and anticipating to all our guests needs, letting them feel at home is a must for us.